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Jet SU-27 Flanker B (Harald Huf – DE)

This Category (Amazing Projects) will start with a very famous one from Harald Huf, a German builder.

Halard started modelling as a young boy and before stepping in the jet age,  had a passion for large scale gliders. More and more he developed an interest for fast airplanes and built his first delta–wing speed models.

In the early 80’s, Harald found some 3-view drawings of a SU-27 Flanker B and very soon began with the construction of his first SU-27 , a small model intended for the use of two 90 mm EDF engines.  At that time, the number of useful engines and batteries was very limited, and so the project was abandoned.

Later, he stepped in the jet world with a Hot spot – of course tuned as a SU-27 “lookalike“.

SU-27 hot spot
SU-27 hot spot

At the end of 2001, he began with the construction of the large SU-27, scaled at 1/6.5. The model has a length of 3.375 meters and is designed to take two engines in the 160 – 200 Newton class. From the very beginning, the whole project was accompanied by a homepage, explaining all the steps like construction , building the plug, surface detailing (riveting),  building the molds and making all the glass fiber parts for this all composite model.

Although written in German, the detailed step-by-step site of the construction is huge and surely worth a couple hours just to go through all the pictures. It is an amazing project that any r/c enthusiast will just have to know and appreciate.

SU-27 Flanker B
SU-27 Flanker B

And after you see the pictures, check the flight video that allow him to get the certification.

The flight characteristics are so real that i can only give him my full respect and a 5 stars rating for his tremendous project. It is so amazing that my humble contribution is to make this project the first post on this Amazing Projects category.

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