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257″ B-36D Peacemaker (Damon – USA)

Another amazing project well deserved of a special reference here is Damon’s B-36D bomber.  Damon is not the ordinary builder, he is a highly skilled designer, builder and engineer. If i had a plane building company, i would for sure want someone like Damon to be part of the team. DAG (his nickname) lives in Indiana (US) and builds planes for as long as anyone can remember (surely more than 25 years). One great thing (amongst many) about Damon is that he takes everything and every step very seriously and always seeks to do the right thing the right way. So you can only expect the best out of this work. And as much as your expectations are high, Damon can surpass them most of the time. He is really amazing.

Just to give you an idea of how deep he goes in his projects, this project started about 10 years ago. If you are not yet astonished for this sole reason, let me add a couple more things. He drew the entire plane and all of the components and parts in 3D CAD software, after an extensive and exhaust study about the real model – this results obviously in a tremendously high accuracy on the scale model. This is not for the ordinary hobbyist and guys like Damon are rare, extremely rare. I believe he is really one of a kind in this area and i am sure many are with me on this.

The 3D modeling is very accurate as you can see from this sample picture (just a sample from thousands Damon made available on his build log – more on this later…).

B-36D 3D model
B-36D 3D model

The build log is a huge, extensive, detailed and attractive source of information for any wanna-be plane builder.  As the details are all there, i will just show you a few pictures from the latest state of the build – which should end very soon.

B-36D at Damon's garage
B-36D at Damon’s garage

Just to give you an idea of the life size plane, check here the B-36D (on the right) next to the already big B-29.

B-36D (on the right) next to a B-29 (on the left)
B-36D (on the right) next to a B-29 (on the left)

And finally this should give you an idea of how big Damon’s scaled version is… (hope you are well seated now!)

B-36D next to Damon's lovely daughter
B-36D next to Damon’s lovely daughter

We’ll keep following his build thread and will come back to this amazing project when Damon finishes it. Meanwhile, check his build log on RCgroups.

  1. Mike C
    May 2, 2010 at 12:43 AM

    Hi! Congrats on the blog, really nice looking and at the pace you’re posting it will be very well known soon. I also like Dag’s work so much, his bomber is just amazing!!!

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