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First Model – High Wing Trainer

On previous post, i talked about the basics to get you started, but when advising about a first plane, the reference was just to a generic high wing trainer… Well, as much as it says, there are so many high wing models in the market that it seems not helpful enough… until now!
On this post, i will share with you my experience on the first models and will suggest a particular one with which i learned to fly for real and still think it is one of the most beautiful high wing models due to it’s smooth, docile and forgiving flight characteristics. It is also very strongly built and will not break the bank as the price is very reasonable.

To cut to the chase quickly, i will introduce you the model right away.  And the first good news is that it is a well sized ARF model (1.6 meters wingspan), covered in strong, light, very resistant and durable Oracover film and there are two manufacturers offering this model, so you have two different color schemes to choose from.
Let’s start first with the Rainbow EP, a electric ARF version that comes in transparent orange and green. This color scheme is great, giving the model that “vintage” feeling, looks great and provides great visibility of the model in the air. This was my choice because when i bought it i was not aware of the next model availability.

Phoenix Rainbow EP
Phoenix Rainbow EP

The next one is the Graupner Electro-Kadett, the exact same ARF model with just a different brand name and color scheme – this one comes in a more consensual blue and yellow scheme. Initially i would go this color scheme if i had the choice, but now i just developed a passion for that “vintage” look of the Rainbow… Anyhow, it is just a matter of taste.

Graupner Electro-Kadett
Graupner Electro-Kadett

There is a great review and build log on RCGroups on the Graupner model. If you decide to go with the Rainbow, you can still refer to this to help you in your build as they are virtually identical.

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