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iPhone Wind Meter

I have just found this new iPhone application that detects the wind speed using the iPhone microphone. It’s called “*Wind Meter*”. It’s been getting very good reviews and i  thought it might well be a useful tool for us. I gave it a try yesterday and to my surprise it works quite well! According to recorded tests against a real wind meter tool, this iPhone application has an error around 3% at most, which is quite acceptable for radio control usage.

iPhone Wind Meter
iPhone Wind Meter

A complete description and video of the application in use can be found at http://www.windapp.com. “Wind Meter” can be obtained at Apple iTunes App Store by searching for “Wind Meter”. This app is designed primarily for 3G/3GS iPhones, but it will also run well on the new iPhone 4G.

The concept for “Wind Meter” came from a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that happen to love wind sports. The idea for converting the decibel reading from the wind “noise” on the mic to a velocity reading almost seemed obvious after-the-fact, and they were a little surprised to be the first to release something like this on the market. After a considerable amount of R&D, Wind Meter is a really fun gadget that actually works. If you have an iPhone, give it a try!

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