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Problems with too much heli vibrations?

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Ever faces your heli with too much vibrations, despite flying reasonably well? If your answer is yes, then join the club! This is very common and sometimes the cause of it is not that easy to find. Here are some hints to help you on this quest…

1 – Replace all blades with new, balanced ones;
2 – tight the main blades tighter than usual to prevent vibrations supposedly caused by the lead/lag of blades – As far as the blade tightness, spool up to just below hover speed and let the blades find their “straight”… then let the head stop by itself… then tighten the blades… just for testing, so that they do not swing… then spool up and see if the shake shows up…if not, then loosen them a little at a time and continue to try it…usually just a “snug” (they will not free fall if heli is on its side), fit will be fine and not cause a lead lag problem…
3 – The blades are very important, and you might just find that you like the woodies over the cf’s, and semi-symetrical are even better… but you will want to stay in that 1750 + range, maybe even 1850… low head speed and too much pitch can/will cause your vibration, and you will loose your tail authority… take note if there is a specific spot that you see the vibration start(left stick position) and if there is, go to your pitch curve and reduce the pitch at that point, or both sides of that point by about 2 points and then check again.. if the vibe is less then take a little more are “timing” the pitch to the power…


RC Helicopters – Getting Started (Part 3)

The tail blades are too close to the ground, is there a mod to fix this?

I know when you are learning to hover you sometimes use the tail to dig holes in the ground… Some people turn the skids around backwards to angle the back end up a little . An alternative is to place a thick washer between the back of the frames and skids.

RC Helicopters – Getting Started (Part 1)

May 4, 2010 1 comment

I’ve been focused mostly on fixed wing planes until now. But this blog will cover all kinds of radio control flying machines, so i will work along the helicopter fans too – i fly both planes and helis.

RC Scale Helicopter

RC Scale Helicopter

On this first post, i’ll cover the most frequently asked questions beginners usually have when getting into helis. Ready to go? So let’s move on…

What brand helicopter should i buy?

Most of the helis on the market today are good. With any helicopter the good experience you have is almost entirely proportional to how well the helicopter is built and setup. That is why it is so important for people starting out to get help from someone that understands how to best set one up for the flight level you are at. I see this all the time. Just the other day i saw someone with a JR Venture and it was in need of a little help. The guy was having problems with the helicopter not lifting off the ground. This heli has eCCPM and I found that two of the servos were hooked up in the wrong positions. After getting this straight (it was causing the top end pitch to unexpectedly change) then I did my normal setup for throttle curve and pitch curve. I flew it and got the blades in track then set the tail to feel nice. After a half of tank of adjusting I handed the controls to the guy and after this he flew one circuit and kept saying this helicopter has never flown like that before… That made me feel good and is the reason I try to help others .

The point is no matter what helicopter it is, how well they fly is dependent more on how well they are assembled and setup. For me the determining differences between one helicopter versus the other are in how easy they are to work on, how easy it is to get parts, price of parts, and price of kit. And if you have other heli pilots in your area that you plan on getting help from then you should get something they have experience with. Talk to them about the helicopter you are looking at to purchase and make sure they can help you with it.